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In a Trademark Registration, it is important that one should know if someone else is using the same Trademark Name like the one that you proposed. That is why conducting the Trademark Availability Search is what we highly recommend to our valued clients

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frequently asked questions about trademark registration

Yes. A Trademark can either be owned by a company or an individual. Provided that if it is registered under an individual name, the person’s name who will own the Trademark must appear in the Trade License.

Please be informed that in Trademark Registration it has to be done in a per country basis as per the existing Trademark laws in each country. However, there are two Unions that offer the community Trademark Registration, 1. The European Union which cover 28 countries in one registration and 2. African Union which covers 16 countries in one registration.

In a Trademark Registration, there is Trademark Availability Search that is to check if your proposed Trademark is still available for usage.  We highly recommend it to our clients in order to avoid discrepancies, however, if the client is sure that there is no one who has the same/ similar Trademark name like his proposed Trademark then we can proceed with the filing. This is not a pre requisite to file a Trademark. The cost for conducting Trademark Availability Search is AED 700. After receiving the required documents, we will submit your application to the Ministry who will examine the Trademark Application (usually takes 1-2 mos.). Once accepted the Trademark will be publish in 2 local Arabic newspaper and in the Ministry Official Gazette for one month. If found no opposition from a third party, then a registration certificate will be issued.

Once registered, a Trademark will be valid for 10 years and renewable at the same time.

The most important document required in Trademark Application, is a Notarized Power of Attorney in favor of our company. Passport copy of the Managing Director together with his visa page is essential in order to draft the Power of Attorney, JPEG format of the Trademark Logo and a class number.

The Cost of Trademark Registration here in UAE from filing up to getting the Registration Certificate is AED 14,800 (following the recent government increase of 100%) inclusive of the government fees and our professional fees. Before, the timeframe for getting a Trademark Registered here in UAE takes 8-12 months, but recently, it will take around 2-4 months in a normal course of events. It covers the entire UAE.


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